Introduction: PVC Concrete Dummy Drills Demo II

Another video, this one of me working on the Dummy myself - has more movement in it.


Wolf Seril (author)2009-08-27

What martial art do you study?

EagleScout316 (author)Wolf Seril2009-08-28

I train with Master Sonny Couch in Cat Ching Do (, Sifu Dexter Parker in Hung Gar Kung Fu (, and Master Tammy Schaefer in Mixed Martial Arts ( Ultimately, they all point a lot of us into building our own styles up. The basis for building this type of Dummy was because I was interested in the explosive short force developed by Combative Tai Ji. You all should come out sometime and bang with us here in Illinois.

8bit (author)2009-08-25

That's neat. It rolls well.

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Bio: Training 3 different styles of martial arts, teach self defense to children, working on becoming a police officer - that sums it all up
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