PVC Cup Holder





Introduction: PVC Cup Holder

I made this cup holder out of a 4 inch ID PVC pipe. It was mainly to be used at an old baseball field that doesn't have cup holders built in. It was designed to work on the railing where my parents have season tickets to, but it works well on the back of an empty chair too.

I built this on estimated measurements, if there is interest. I will post a full Instructable of the next one i make.
I would like to thank Thinkenstein in https://www.instructables.com/id/PVC-Its-Great-for-Inventions/ for the idea.



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     very nice i made cup holders for my old truck 

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    i did the same for a skid loader at work... spilled my beer trying to pick up a pile of bricks from a chimney that fell down.

    Very nice.  Looks like you could have cut down on weight by using thinner walled pipe, but you found a problem and an excellent solution.  Good use of the material. 

    What a great idea with so many posibilities. If made deeper it will hold a water bottle on the move. With a flatter bent I will place it in my belt, A go anywhere, strong and versatil.
    Great instructable

    College freshman year creation. Same principle only cheaper: Step 1: Buy Pringles (flavor may vary) Step 2: Eat pringles Step 3: Cut Pringles can to fit cup (use the bottom covered side, although if you replace the top, you could use that side too) Step 4: Fashion a metal hanger into a hook Step 5: Duct tape said hanger to new can cozy Step 6: Hang can to your delight, preferably in the side of the dorm bunk bed rails for easy access.

    That's really cool, I could think of a couple other places where it would be useful too, but those are a secret >_>