There are times when having a third hand would be useful. Washing fruit while holding a hose is one example.

This is the solution I came up with for my particular situation, which included a vertical water pipe and the water faucet.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a thermoplastic. It softens with heat and rigidifies again when it cools. I cut this rectangular piece of PVC from the wall of a larger piece of pipe. After heating and flattening it, I heated the ends and bent them as needed to hold the hose and to clip onto the vertical water pipe.

You can slide the unit up and down the pipe to adjust the height of the hose.


You can cut the piece you need out of just about any large-diameter piece of pipe. On construction sites, you can often times get free pieces of scrap material.

I hold the pipe in a door frame and use the frame edge as a guide for drawing the pencil lines for the cuts. This particular strip of pipe is going to be 2 inches wide and about 14 inches long.
Thinkenstein<br /> <br /> Do you use wet or dry sand for bending the pvc pipe<br />
Dry sand.&nbsp; Wed sand would just suck up heat applied to the outside of the pipe and use more fuel.&nbsp; <br />
Great 'ilbe!<br /> <br /> One question, when you heat up the pipe in the oven, what temp do you use, and for how long?<br /> <br /> Thanks!
I usually heat with a gas stove flame, or a propane torch.&nbsp; Just starting to experiment with a little electric oven on the lowest setting.&nbsp; Start low and work up.&nbsp; Try not to burn any plastic.&nbsp; <br />
What I like about tis is that the first three steps give you a flat piece of PVC, and thousands of possibilities.
Very nice--I am off to scrounge some pvc!

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