Step 3: Jacks Head

Ok so now we have the skeleton frame and the bow done. Now for the head.

hot glue the two big foam spheres together .

note: When going to bye your foam spheres or just a complete sphere use your best judgement for the size of head.  

carve and indent jacks eyes, nose, and smile.

time to paint!

paint it all white first with your acrylic paint.  A small bottle should work just fine for the whole head.

Let it dry for 30 minutes and go back and paint in the eyes , nose, and smile with black acrylic piant.

Set aside to let dry.

After its completely dry stick the head on to the neck of pvc pipe frame. Press down onto the pipe until secure.  You can hot glue gun the head onto the neck but that is optional.  I didn't because I want to be able to take him apart for easy storage in a storage container later.

<p>You could slightly modify this and make a Slenderman prop instead.</p>
Skellington* <br> <br>Nice work by the way.
Thank you :)
His suit looks fantastic. :D
I had trying to figure out how it was all going to come together. <br>
That looks great! Awesome job putting it all together :)
Thank you :) this is what happens when I get bord and all errands get done early. <br>

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