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Step 1: PVC Landing Gear



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Very cool idea!

Did you make those PVC wheels? If so, could you explain a bit on how you made them? I'd love to see how you did that!

I have uploaded the tutorial video on how to, check that out!


Yup, I made those, the wheels are made up of compressed thermocol sheets..

I made 6-8 disks for each wheel, cut those out then glued all the plates together and compressed in it even more see here how I did that(around 2:49) then inserted & glued a tube of aluminium right in the centre of the wheel, inserted a bolt in the drill machine followed by a washer then the wheel, again by a washer & then by a nut, turned the drill ON and then used sand paper to give the round edges to the wheel.


I've dabbled in scratch building RC planes out of uncommon materials, so I really enjoy seeing things like this. At some point, I'd like to get back into it. So many ideas, so little time, you know?! :)

Please do! More people, more memories! I have been in this hobby from last 2 years and now I think, "what was I doing back then?" Its never to late to start!