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Another laptop stand made of PVC Pipe.

Really simple and wouldn't take out much of your time to do and most of all THIS IS REALLY CHEAP!

What you need?

6 pcs. 1/2 PVC Elbow
2 pcs. 1/2 PVC Pipe (2 inches)
3 pcs. 1/2 PVC Pipe (7 inches)

Depending on your preferred sizes but this one really looks great for my Asus EEE PC, Acer and Macbook Pro.


elheli1 made it! (author)2016-01-04

Very easy to make. I painted mine orange. Then I put a plexiglass cover on so I could stream movies without my cat jumping on my laptop and pushing on the keyboard. Just remove the plexiglas when I want to use the keyboard.

gregzeng (author)2013-09-12

This will fit onto the car's steering wheel!

When I'm waiting for the wife ...

Perhaps for chauffeurs, taxi drivers, waiting ...

acl_20032003 (author)gregzeng2013-09-13

definitely... i have bunch of other versions of these pvc stand. just didn't have a time right now to convert it into a proper instructables.

mganpate (author)2012-08-09

great sir thanks i Had make .......

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