PVC Laptop Stand





Introduction: PVC Laptop Stand

A laptop stand with cable routing for under $5 bucks. No gluing necessary. Save deskspace. Save your neck. Save your eyes. Etc.

Step 1: Cut PVC to Length

You will need

Six 5 1/2 " by 3/4" pieces
Two 11" by 3/4" pieces (for a powerbook, for a dell 14 inch make these two pieces 7" to 8")
Four Tee Joints
Four Elbow Joints

Step 2: Planar

Assemble two "shelves" like so.

Step 3: Route Cables

Route the cables through the bends as shown. USB connectors will fit with a little nudging. If you use those nifty CAT-5 adapters, you can snake VGA or DVI cables through this rig.

Step 4: Snap Together

No glue necessary! Friction should do you fine.

Step 5: Place Laptop

All done. No reason to be straight. Like MJ, this thing can do a supernatural lean. Sweet.

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Haha this is incredibly ingenious! I love the fact that its such a simple and easy DIY project. I was reading reviews on laptopstandboss.com to elevate my laptop but I'm definitely going to make this instead. For a measly 5 dollars it cant be beat! Especially when some of these laptop stands costs an arm and a leg!

How stable would it be if you made it taller to use while sitting on a couch?

Just out of curiosity doesn't the laptop heat up enough to make the pvc release toxic fumes?

No, PVC need to get well beyond standard heak sink temperatures for that kind of release.

wowwwwwww.. thanks your mind............ its Matrix.........

Thanks for the idea! I created this today in about an hour. I edited the design a bit and put a third "shelf" in the middle. Very sturdy and works perfect for my MBP 15". I also zap-strapped my computer speakers to the sides.