I got this IDEA from other INSTRUCTABLES and applied it for a PVC laptop table stand that I modified for use of how we (my family) mostly use the laptop in a horizontal position.
We know its bad for you body, posture and worse for the laptop because of overheating but we always end up with our legs propped up with an over heated computer on them.
Also this stand is small and versitial depending on where you want to use it.


10 FEET 1/2 INCH PVC TUBE highest grade you can find it wont bend
four 90 degree corners, two 45 degree corners, 5 tees two end covers
two pieces of rope (not shown here) I spent all of 5.00 dls to make two
seperate tables. PAINT not inclued and optional

<p>It's very simple to do and very useful. I used 3/4 pvc pipe to do the stand and it was very robust</p>
Yours looks way COOLER ?
I just painted black ^^
I love it. Everyone should try it. I am thinking of painting it with different colors...
<p>Are the bolts there for easy adjustment of the angle? This instructable is a brilliant idea, but that was something i was trying to figure out. My boyfriend will be bedridden for a few months and being able to use his laptop comfortably will make a huge difference, but I was wondering how to make it so he can adjust the angle as he gets better and can start sitting up a little more. </p>
<p>The bolts in the top are just for holding the laptop. The bolts on the sides are the ones for adjustment.</p>
<p>Brilliant thank you ! definitely a feature I will be adding when I build it ! </p>
simple, elegant and very practical. definitely a 5!
I be dizzy! But what a great instructable, very versatile, and cheap like me... and apparently you. Is the still stable when used with the larger laptop, or would maybe a 3/4&quot; pipe be better ?<br /> <br /> Cheers
&nbsp;YES its very stable, I made several for 15 inch laptops and smaller, with the 15 inch I use the longest legs for support and if all glued well its very stable even with laptop fan included, I bought PVC for hot water which is 4 times more resistant&nbsp;than cold water PVC, and &nbsp;because thick PVC is very bulky. And best of all it fits under my bed when not in use.<br /> <br />

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