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How to make a letter B from PVC pipes

Step 1:

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Gather your materials. You should have 6 pieces of 1 inch pvc pipes, 1 pipe that is 3.75 inches, 2.5 inches, and 2 inches. Also have 2 90 degree connectors, 2 tee connectors, and 4 45 degree connector.

Step 2:

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Connect the 1 inch pipe to the 90 degree connector.

Step 3:

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The connect the 90 degree to a 45 degree connector

Step 4:

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After that put a 1 inch pipe into that 45 degree connector and connect another 45 connector.

Step 5:

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Now connect that 45 degree connector to a tee connector by attaching together with another 1 inch pipe.

Step 6:

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The next step is like the first steps in which you connect to 2 45 degree connectors together and then connect to the tee connector.

Step 7:

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Now connect the 2.5 inch pvc pipe to the 90 degree connector from the beginning.

Step 8:

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Next attach the 2 in pipe to the tee connector. This creates the middle bar for the B. And then connect it to the other tee connector to.

Step 9:

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To finish the bottom attach the last 90 degree connector to the 45 degree connector. Finally connect the missing peice which is a 2,5 inch pvc pipe.


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