Picture of PVC Marker Buoy for Drift Fishing or Boating
Marker buoys are very handy for marking structure when you are drift fishing and can also be used to mark a search area if you've dropped something overboard.  If you remove the line, you could also use them as bumpers or dummies for retriever training.  They are easy to make and cost very little if you use materials that you have on hand.  For these I used some scrap PVC pipe left over from a previous project and an old foam pool noodle.  I've got less than $2 in both these markers.

Step 1: Gather Your Tools & Materials

Picture of Gather Your Tools & Materials
You'll need the following

Foam Pool Noodle
1/2" PVC Pipe
1/2" PVC Caps
PVC Glue & Primer
Tape Measure
A saw to cut the pipe
A knife to cut the noodle
Nylon Cord
4 oz Fishing Weights

I used 1/2" PVC pipe because that's what fit into the hole in the noodle I had on hand.  They come in various sizes so match your pipe to the size that fits into the noodle you have.

Kayak Kid1 year ago

If you ever make one of these for marking structure like a crib, you might want to add some weights to the bottoms of the pool noodles. So that you can add as much line as you want, and once the lead weight hits the bottom no more line will feed off.

can the noodle be round?
diyoutdoorsman (author)  nickolaiisoe2 years ago
Absolutely, use whatever you have.
thx !!!
freeza362 years ago
I have always wanted to try drift fishing. Next year I am taking my kayak out and letting 5 or 6 of these out.