My first Instructable!!!  Finally did something worth writing up... at least, I think it's worth writing up.  I'll let you be the judge...

As my interest in fishing grew, and the quality (and quantity) of the gear increased, I knew I needed a better way to store my rods and reels than just using a plastic trashcan in the garage.  At a visit to a Bass Pro Shops last year I had picked up some rod holders, thinking I would mount them on the wall in the garage and that would take care of that.  Well, I really didn't HAVE a good place to mount them on a wall, and things get rearranged in the garage so much anything that did get mounted would be getting "unmounted" before long.  No, I needed something freestanding... and sturdy... and cheap.  Having a bunch of PVC tubing and connectors already on hand, that seemed to be a good option for building something that would work.

But then I saw how people mounted these rod holders on different things, such as the sides of rolling ice chests, or on the sides of carts/wagons (to make a fishing cart).  Hmmm... I have a cart that would be perfect for that, but I don't want to mount a rod holder onto it permanently.  I need something that needs to be more... modular.

And so, after a few sketches and checks of my PVC inventory, I came up with this Fishing Rod Modular Storage System.  Each of the four rod holders are mounted onto PVC frames, with a freestanding base holding the frames.  Each frame can be easily removed and mounted onto the side of the cart, as needed.  And as other situations arise, other sort of stands/bases/mounts can be rigged up... PVC is wonderful stuff!

Now, this write-up is more about the concept... to show you what I did with what I had.  Your mileage may vary, depending on what you have (or are willing to get) and what you need.  Here is what I used:

The BPS 3 position rod holders (came 2 to a box, and I had 2 boxes so there were 4 total)
3/4" schedule 40 PVC -- about 15 feet.
3/4" THIN WALL PVC -- about 3 feet. What I used is marked PVC 1120 SDR-21 PR 200, and has an inside diameter of around 0.93 inches.
1/2" schedule 40 PVC -- about 5 feet
3/4" Tee Connectors -- 20
3/4" Side Outlet Elbow -- 4.  This looks like just a regular 90 degree elbow, but has an additional outlet on the side.
3/4" x 1/2" Reducing Bushing -- 8.
8-9" cable ties -- 16 (4 for each rod holder)

The use of the 3 feet  of SDR-21 thin-wall PVC is important as you'll see below.

Step 1: Build the PVC frames

Each PVC frame is made from 4 of the 3/4" Tee connectors, 2 longer sections of the 3/4" schedule 40 PVC, and 2 short sections of the 3/4" THIN WALL PVC.  The length of the sections depends on the size of rod holders you are using, and how far apart the mounting holes are.  In my case, I used 14-3/4" long cross sections that needed to be spaced 4-1/2" apart.  I forget what the length of the thin wall PVC I used to get that separation... it will vary depending on the make/manufacturer of the connectors you are using.  Once completed, the distance between the centers of the two sides was 16"; this will come into play when we build the stand.

I did not use any sort of adhesive; these are all just pressed together (I used a rubber mallet to make sure everything was seated fully).   I haven't experienced any problems so far with that approach; you can use the appropriate PVC cement if you wish.
<p>Thanks for this idea, I decided to make a variation on the theme. I made a pvc rack and tied it to my soft tackle box and then added 4 holders, I expect this will be popular at my next fishing trip! </p>
<p>Outstanding!!! Great idea... one of the best things about Instructables is how someone can take a project, customize it and tweak it to fit their needs, and make it better. I'm going to see about rigging up a PVC frame for my existing racks that will let me carry a soft tackle box with it.. Thanks for trying it out and for posting your results!!!!</p>
Thanks for the instructable. This will come in handy. Hope I ca build this before I take my father-in-law and my two sons fishing in Oldsmar on Friday.
i totally agree with SpringRobin
That's an awesome instructible!! I've been trying to figure out a rod holder for quite some time now!
Thank you!! Hope you can make use of some of the ideas...

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