Introduction: PVC Spray Paint Can Under Shelf Storage

Picture of PVC Spray Paint Can Under Shelf Storage

Needed under shelf storage for paint cans, WD-40, etc.

Step 1: Cut PVC Pipe

Picture of Cut PVC Pipe

Use pipe large enough for the cans you need to store. I had some pipe leftover from another project. I cut them at 30 degrees on each end and about 4 inches long.

Step 2: Mount Under Shelf

Pre-drill holes in the pipe to keep them from cracking or splitting. Pre-drill the shelf as well. I used short screws to keep them from coming through the top off the shelf.

Step 3: Add Another Row

I think I can add another row under these if I glue them to the bottom of what's there. I will update if that works.


violetsmuse (author)2016-08-19


SPRAY paint cans, okay! Great idea as I have mine on a shelf and sometimes knock them all down trying to get the one I need. Love this, smart thinking!

seamster (author)2016-08-15

Nice idea!

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