This one is quick, cheap, useful, artsy, efficient (uses mostly things you already have), and looks pretty good. It kind of looks like the pencil holder in Superman's Fortress of Solitude. There is an infinite number of ways to make this, so express yourself.

I actually think this is better than most current pencil holders, in that the pencils are leaning out to be taken. And the individual tubes allows you to categorize your pens and pencil if you have such OCD tendencies.

It uses various sizes of PVC pipe. If you work with PVC a lot you probably like me hate to throw out even the littlest left over piece, here is you answer.

Step 1: You Will Need:

1. Assortated PVC pipe, short lengths. 1/2 inch (only good for one really special pen, but helps with the overall look.) 3/4", 1", and 1.5"

2. Plastic board. Probably the one thing you dont have. Go to a sign company or plastic supply and ask for rements of PVC board.

3. Spray paint. I prefer the look of metallic colors, but whatever suits you is fine, or if youre a PVC purest, leave the pipe with the beautiful natural white, and be proud of the greatest construction material God ever made.

4. A pair of good scissors or shears for cutting the plastic board.

5. A miter saw, set at 30o, but you can try other angles too.

6. PVC primer and PVC glue/cement.

7. Safety goggles.
You should enter this in a contest.
nyz one
What an awesome idea! I have lots of leftover pvc pipes from work I've done on the house. Now I just have to find a flat pvc board. When I figure it out I'll post my attempt at this. Thanks again.
this is a great idea, however... wouldn't it be more practical to glue the pipes to the base before painting? so you don't run the risk of damaging the paint during glue up? or is there another asthetic reason to paint first? maybe I missed something.
I thought that for my first attempt. ...However, it was impossible to get the paint into the deep crevices. For aesthetic reasons I painted first to get full coverage, glued and than painted again.
pvc pipe is so cool!
this would be an awesome thing for a gift.
That is possibly one of the coolest simplest things I've ever seen!

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