Introduction: PVC Pipe Art Supply Storage

If you are like me, keeping all of your pencils and markers organized and easy to reach is next to impossible. Usually after doing an illustration I have a mess of markers, pencils, erasers all over the place and I can't ever find the color I need.

I've seen all kinds of cool ways to use PVC pipe for storage, so this is my take on it.

All you need is:

1. Some 2" PVC pipe (if you don't have PVC pipe laying around like I did, you can get 2ft long sections of any size pipe at a hardware store, or you can buy in 10ft long sections)

2. super glue

3. hand saw (or preferred pvc pipe cutting tool)

4. a piece of board or surface you want to mount the pvc pipe to

Use safety equipment especially when using power tools

All DIY projects are at your own risk. Be safe and have fun! :)

Step 1: Cut Your PVC Pipe

The PVC pipe in the picture is 2" pipe cut into 5 inch long sections. If you are trying to store things like dry erase markers, art markers, highlighters and pens I would cut each section a little shorter like maybe 4 inches so that the markers are easier to grab. Also, a bigger diameter of pipe such as 2 1/2 to 3" may work better if you are storing chunkier markers like dry erase and highlighters.

2" x 5 inches works perfectly for colored pencils, graphite pencils, charcoal, rulers, scissors, etc.

Step 2: Sand Your PVC Pipe

Sanding the ends of the PVC pipe will allow the glue to adhere better to the pipe but also will make the ends flatter and smoother to the touch.

If you use a saw like I did to cut your pieces, the edges will be a little rough.

You can use sand paper, but an electric sander such as an orbital or mouse sander will do the trick

Step 3: Super Glue!

Okay now that you have cut all your pipe to size, and sanded, its time to glue all the pipe together.

Lay the first row of pipe side by side on a piece of wood or something you don't mind getting dirty

Glue the length of the PVC pipe like in the photo, and then press another section of PVC pipe on it, making sure to keep both PVC pipe flat.

Make 3 sets of 3, and then put a strip of glue on top of the pvc pipe and press the next set of three on top. Eventually you will have a stack of 3 by 5 or 15 PVC sections.

Step 4: Glue Pipe to a Board

You can skip this if you don't need a backboard so your pencils don't fall through the pipe.

You can also put the pipe standing up like in the photo above.

The board just keeps the pipe in place and keeps your pencils from going through the pipe.


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