One of the things I like doing the most, is taking something cheap, and transforming it into something extraordinary. It's just so much fun! The way you feel when you've completed it, the way everything fits together when you're making it, that feeling of pride in your own abilities! So here goes my first instructable: the pipe clock.

There are lot's of cheap things to hack: flash drives, light bulbs, earphones, batteries, or even MOUNTAIN BIKE HANDLES!!! But the thing I like improving the most is a clock. Yes, the kind that has three hands, a simple alarm, maybe even an LED. Usually, these clocks can be found at your local book store (to see what kind of clock I'm talking about, go to step 1).

If you're ready to get started, then press "Next Step"!

P.S. This instructable is a detailed version of Make Vol. 30 "Pipe Dreams", click here to see what their's looks like.

Step 1: What You'll Need

What You'll Need:                                              Tools:                                              Level:

(x1) Clock - $10*                                                 Scissors                                        Easy

(x1) PVC pipe -
$0.50*                                        Exacto knife

(x1) Cardboard - $1*                                           Marker

(x1) Spray paint - $4*                                         
WD-40 (or rubbing alcohol)

(x1) Electrical tape - $2*                                    

(x1) AA battery holder - $2*                                                                      

(x1) AA battery - $0.50

(x1) Double sided foam tape - $1*

When you buy your clock, make sure that the round, clear-plastic cover on the clock is about the same size as the pipe (see picture 7).

Let's get started! >>
<p>make sure clock inside is round because mine was square and didn't fit into pipe</p>
<p>looks great</p>
<p>Cool. I'm thinking of decorating this clock with a 3D creations. You can make them using an inexpensive 3D pen like goo.gl/izSIHt</p>
VEry nice and neat. <br> <br>The great uses for pvc pipe..
Wonderful idea; great construction!
Sorry! I was a little to late, but thanks for the suggestion though!
That looks great :D
Thanks! :)
That's really great simple and nice effort. <br>
Thanks for the compliment! I'll try to keep up the good work!
Did you get your idea from the last issue of Make Magazine? If so, I'd at least attribute it.
The last issue of Make Magazine showed PVC speakers, but no clocks. Other then the elbow, not much the same. <br> <br>Nice simple project though, it wold look good on my desk -- if I cleaned off enough space for it.
Make Vol. 30 pages 103&amp;104 shows this project exactly.
Yes, I got the idea from Make volume 30. I'll make sure that I will attribute it. <br>Also, thanks for the suggestion! :)
Cool, thanks. It's good to see a step by step with a more detail since they only had like 1/2 a page for this. Also good to see recycling things. I like the idea of using &quot;found items&quot; or &quot;old junk&quot; to make new things. My wife though doesn't like the fact that I don't throw anything away. She doesn't understand that I might need it one day! At least I don't have 20 years worth of stacks of newspapers, just a junky garage.
Ha! I know exactly how you feel, since I often have the same problem with my mom!
Sorry. I thought you were talking about Vol. 31.
A few variations available.&nbsp; <a href="http://makeprojects.com/Project/PVC-Two-Faced-Clock/2059/1#.UElqbWuSmRg" rel="nofollow">Vol 30</a> looks to be correct.
Awesome! <br>Would've Been better with numbers or lines :) <br>
Thanks for the suggestion, fessional! <br> <br>I might make one like that in the future! :)
The project looks great. The text in the Instructable could use a little less bold/italics, though.
I'll do that in a sec! Thanks for the suggestion!
Simple. Industrial. I like it.

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