Tired of leaning your 70 dollar guitar hero controller on the wall, just to find out that it fell over the next day? Don't know where to get a stand for it? Or better yet, not want to pay for one? Here is my (first) instructable where I show you how to construct your own! :)

Step 1: Get Materiels

Here, you will need...

8 elbow joints
5 "T" Joints
2 open end joints
1 1/4 inch pipe that is approx. the length from the base to under the neck
yeah on the far right theres a dean evo xm. I have one, see?
Yep! It's a pretty great guitar, although not the best. ^_^
Yeah mine doesn't sound too good, but its action is incredible.
the gutar in the backround dean evo/t<br />
There are two kinds of PVC piping, one intended for plumbing and the other intended for furniture, greenhouse construction, etc. The furniture-grade PVC doesn't have the lettering on it, and it has UV protection. Plumbing grade PVC gets brittle when exposed to sunlight. (That matters more in the canine agility equipment I've been making, than in a guitar stand.) But what might matter, in designing a guitar stand, is that furniture-grade PVC has more varieties of fittings than does plumbing-grade. A four-way tee might make the design of your guitar stand somewhat simpler.
wow. the only kinds i new of were pvc and cpvc
Thank you! I didn't know that there were two kinds of PVC pipe. And about the four-way tees, thank you for showing me those! But I didn't have any of those on hand. But then again, I'm lazy, and didn't want to go out and buy some. :)
If you add a brace from the back leg to the top of the neck support, the same design might handle real guitars too.
just made a new guitar hero instructable :)<br/><br/><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Guitar-Hero-Fret-Buttons-Mod/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Guitar-Hero-Fret-Buttons-Mod/</a><br/>
A very great Instructable. I would definitely do this, but not sure if I have any PVC, but if I get some, this is going to be done. Awesome job.
smart idea, it may save the tv from getting smashed! <br/>liven up your faceplate use this....<br/><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Guitar-Hero-3-Cameleon-Cover/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Guitar-Hero-3-Cameleon-Cover/</a> <br/><br/>im off to rip the sink apart :)<br/><br/>thank you<br/><br/>Ian <br/>

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