Step 4: The Marking Jig:

Picture of The Marking Jig:

Using cello tape and the strip of paper, make a paper tube. Roll the strip of paper over the Pipe - not too tight - just loose enough so that it easily slides over the pipe. This becomes your marking Jig. You can now slide the paper tube to the required position and draw a line (on the pipe) along the edge of the paper.

DieCastoms4 years ago
I am disappointed that there aren't already more comments on this Ible.

I think this is an example of how Ibles should be done. Your instructions are clear, your images are great, your examples are useful!

As I read through this, I had only a couple suggestions, most of which you included further along in the Ible (adding lights (or other features) to the robot head, cutting couplers to make snap-on clips, etc.).  The only other suggestions I had were:
* Glue one more bead flush at the end of the handle on the winch.  This will make the aluminum hanger end a little more safe.  Also glue one onto the toggle switch if you add lights to the head, or else use a push-on, push-off (lick clicking a retractable pen) style switch.
* Make a few different shape wood seats with the cut-coupler-clips, or else with sections of pipe permanently attached.  These could easily spark in idea for the child to build.
* Add an Eye Bolt to one of the pipe caps to be used for attaching pull-ropes

I did have a couple questions.  You show a few examples like the trolley (otherwise known as a dolly or hand-truck), and the Micro Scooter.  Know, please, that these questions are asked out of curiosity and interest and not as criticisms or put-downs.
* I had to wonder if these would support much weight at all?  Will the middle of the scooter's horizontal pipe drag on the floor?  
* How much weight will it hold before it does?  
* Would it be worth it to find a way to slide the T fitting along the length of a single continuous pipe for the horizontal span of the scooter of for the 'forks' of the trolley? 

Please keep up the good work.  I will be reading your other Ibles!  This has been voted on and favorited!

Mike, from DieCastoms.