PVC Pipe Nunchucks for Under $10





Introduction: PVC Pipe Nunchucks for Under $10

Everyone wants to be a ninja, and now you can with these awesome nunchucks! Thanks to TH3 R4ND0M H3R0 who was the co-creator in this project.

Step 1: The Junk You Need

The stuff you need for these chucks are

2 - 14" pieces of 1/2" PVC Pipe
4 - 1/2" PVC end caps
2 - 1/4" x 2" Eyebolts with nuts
1 - 6"-7" piece of chain
2 - 12" pieces of foam pipe insulation (optional)

Step 2: Drilling

Drill a hole in the middle of 2 end caps that the eyebolts can fit snugly into

Step 3: Let Your Chain Hang Low

Use your manly muscles and pry the eyebolt apart so you can fit the chain on it. (do this with both)

Step 4: Stick It in the Hole

Stick the eyebolt through the two drilled end caps, and secure them tightly with the nuts.

Step 5: I <3 Rocky!

place the end caps on the PVC pipe. ( you might want to use some pvc cement for extra stability)

FISH ><)))">

Step 6: [OPTIONAL]

Cut lengths of foam tubing to fit around the nunchuck handles so they don't kill you. and your done!



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    use a pair of needlenose pliers, stick them in and open it, voila the eye of the eyebolt will expand, you can use those same pliers to squeeze it closed

    i've been trying for a while now, and I have no idea how you've been able to pull the eyebolt apart. Any ideas?

    so only the bottom part goes in right?

    I made a nice pair, not all from your ible, My chain is help in by Gorilla glue, works quite well.


    Hey man, I made my own nunchucks  as you did, with PVC pipe, and I've made a nice and very clear inscrutable, with a few modifications. Of course, I've mentioned your inscrutable in the main page of mine ;-)

    It's in my profile, I'll be very glad if you visit it and tell me what you think. I couldn't find foam pipe insulation as you did, but the chucks look great even without it.

    You can find it in my profile :-)


    I think it isn't a good idea to fill them with sand, as many people say. I'm smart enough to realize that if he cover the chucks with foam, is because he don't want to hurt or get hurt. If the pipe is not empty, it'll make it heavier and harder. You want to fight your neighbourgs and leave them lying unconscious in the floor? Well, fill them with sand and don't cover them with soft foam. But if you only want to practice a little, don't do that. lol

    you could fill these with sand

    me and my dad actually did this a while ago, but with wood instead of PVC. It broke after I slammed it into the basketball hoop though, so I dont know.....