Introduction: PVC Pipe Slide Saxophone

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How to make PCV Pipe Slide Saxophone.

Step 1: Materials

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DrilL,Plainer, Sander, High grade sand paper, Pvc pipe 20 inches long 1 ½ diameter ,Pvc pipe 15 inches long 1 inch diameter, 3 inch ratchet extension with ½ inch diameter bit.

Step 2: Step One

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Sand smaller pipe to fit into the larger pipe (sand ½ inch). To do this use a sander with high grade sandpaper and plainer. Use the plainer first and then take the sander and sand it to get a smother surface area. This will help in letting slide faster.

Step 3: Step 2

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Drill one hole towards the bottom of the the small pipe. Drill 3 holes towards the top of the big pipe. Then drill as many holes as you desire towards the bottom of the big pipe.

Step 4: Step 3

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Find something that will fit in the big holes on the small pipe and plug the end closest to the holes that you drilled. Take a ratchet extension and bit. Stick it through the whole on the small pipe and then put hot glue on the bit and stick it on the extension. Then stick the small pipe through the big one.

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h23kaaion (author)2016-12-08

What a creative idea!

tomatoskins (author)2016-12-08

Making your own instruments are the best! Thanks for sharing!

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