Introduction: PVC Planter in About 3 Easy Steps

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So I thought maybe I wanted to make a really creative inside (but can also be outside) planter this year. I decided to put some nice Succulents in the planter. I wanted it to be made out of simple materials and that also didn't cost to much. I got my materials from OSH for 7 bucks.But You can also get the materials from almost any other hardwood store.

Step 1: Cutting the Basic Shape

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I marked where I wanted to cut with a bright red marker (it didn't show well but I used it anyways). Then I used a hacksaw to try and cut away the PVC along the line. And it actually worked surprisingly well!

Step 2: Smoothing Out the Cut Marks

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Then after I made the rough cut I scraped the PVC off with a scraper?!(idk if you call the yellow thing that please reply in the comments if that's true or not). Then sanded it down with sandpaper. It should come out a lot better than it was before (considering how well you can cut with a hacksaw). I also sanded the whole outside part of the tube to get rid of the labeling.


marcellaembry (author)2016-01-03

Did I miss the step where you describe how you attached the endcaps and the hanging string? Did you hang it - the first picture looks like you did.

Thank you for giving me feedback it really helps a lot. I just put the string into the pipe and then fitted the caps onto the pipe. Usually PVC pipes make an airtight seal from cap to pipe.

AmiR11 (author)2016-01-02

Big Projects, I just love this idea! To add a bit more, you could specify the diameter of pvc you found worked best, also if the unit rolls, maybe sand or scrape the encaps flat? I could be mistaken, but I think that tool is called a rasp or file. This is the perfect diy project for me, I'm sure I can tackle this one. Good job!

Big Projects (author)AmiR112016-01-02

Thank you so much for your responses! It seems like I forgot to add the diameter of the pipe. This pipe was 2 inches but probably anything else large would also work. Also thank you for answering my question about the rasp. This comment really made my day!! Thanks so much

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