Picture of PVC Pool Hose Reel
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This PVC pool hose reel only cost more or less $25. You can find all of the materials in local hardware store and make it by simple tools. And get more benefits:
1. The hose is vertically wound on the reel; the interior water of the wet hose can drain out from lower end opening of the hose even after the hose being wound in order.
2. To release any twisting and kinking of the hose in the water, an arm gets the hose untangled in advance of winding on the reel
3. The vertical reel can be removed from the base frame to unwind the hose by gravity (it's fast).
4. It also can carry and store a hose, brush, vacuum head and leaf rake.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
PVC pipes
Class200pe grade ¾” PVC pipe: 15’
Sch40 grade ¾” PVC pipe: 3’
Sch40 grade ½” PVC pipe: 2’6”

PEX pipes
Pex ½” pipe: 9”

Micro tubing (drip system used pipe)
Micro tubing ¼” pipe: 1”

PVC fittings
¾”tee: 22
¾” elbow: 7
¾” coupling: 2
¾” cross: 3
¾”cap: 3
¾”x ½” tee: 3
¾”x ½” bushing: 4
1” coupling: 1

1 ½” screw: 2

Snap Clip Spring (pool pole used clip)
Snap clip: 1
mauroc11 year ago
eafre2 years ago
It worked perfectly. Great design
caronte232 years ago
I wanna skate your pool :D
Really cool design, and impressive engineering. I really like the custom made barrel bolts.
amjohnny (author)  technovative2 years ago
Thank you.
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