The backyard swimming pool can be a joy for all.  But, after the fun is over, sometimes it's tough to get all those toys out of the pool.  I needed some kind of pole with a hook on the end to speed up the process.  What about those long fiberglass or aluminum poles they sell at the pool store?  Too heavy.  Too long.  Too expensive.

This instructable will show you how to make your own PVC pool tool for minimal cost.

Step 1: Tools, Materials & Safety

  • hacksaw
  • 10 ft - 3/4" pvc
  • 1 each - 3/4" tee
  • 1 each - 3/4" elbow
  • 3 each - 3/4" caps
  • pvc primer and glue
  • Protect yourself at all times.  Use proper PPE (personal protective equipment) when applicable.
For use in a pool or on a boat it is called a graff hook
I'm confused. I just googled "graff hook" and nothing appeared.
try gaff hook
cause its gaff hook, no r. I just put a coat hook on the end of the net I already had for the same function.

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