Step 3: A Safety Note

The whole process of this build revolves around heating PVC pipe until it is pliable and then squishing it. PCV (That's Poly-Vinyl Chloride, for those impressed by big words), is pretty toxic stuff when you heat it. I don't actually know what is produced with it is heated, but it smells horrible and gives me a terrible headache. I don't know if there are any long-term effects, but i would be willing to bet that breathing the fumes for any length of time will definitely make you more stupid.

So, DO THIS IN AN EXTREMELY WELL VENTILATED AREA!!! Preferably outside in a windy area, and wearing a respirator for extra safety. Basically, if you smell the odor of heated PVC, go some where more ventilated.

Stupid question, but is it possible to use this as a throwing knife? I wanted to know before I attempted.
<p>If you threw it at cardboard, maybe. If at wood then no.</p>
I suppose you could, but it's not super durable, so don't be surprised if it breaks. <br> <br>Try it though, post pictures!
I'm glad you added that warning about heating PVC outside. Had to do that with my PVC didgeridoo this week. PS I llike the knife!
I like the didgeridoo!
Yeah, good ventilation is mandatory. Thanks! If you like this project, check out my Airsoft carbine conversion for more PVC forming.
I love the second one! Nice job! <br>Sunshiine
Thanks! <br>
First! and by the way these knives are great, 10

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