Step 7: Straightening the blade

Picture of Straightening the blade
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Chances are your blade came out kind of bent or zig-zagged. This is an easy fix. Earlier, we were clamping the blade vertically in the vise. Now, we will be clamping the blade horizontally.  Start at the tip again, and heat a section the length of the vise jaws on one edge of the blade. Clamp this edge tight, let cool, and repeat. Like the first clamping, overlap the clamped parts, but do it a lot more here. Continue along the same edge of the knife until you reach the grip, then flip the knife over and do the other edge.

Any more adjustments in the blade can be done by applying heat and bending at your discretion. I warn you though, it is easy to get carried away. Keep in mind that these blades will never be totally straight or smooth. I discovered that slight bends can be smoothed out later, when you shape the blade.