I like doing push ups. They are great for your health. But with the normal push up, I cant go down as far as I need to go because of the floor. So in order to increase my push up range of motion I decided to make a pair of easy to make PVC push up pairs. I chose the design I did because it offers 2 different angles for you to do push ups. But it also offers the ability to do dips.

Step 1: Material

 -3/4" PVC pipe
-(8) 3/4" PVC endcaps
-(2) 3/4" PVC 45 degee joints
-(2) 3/4" PVC 90 degree joints
-(4) 3/4" T-joints
-Foam Material

-PVC primer and cement
-Hack Saw
-Hot glue + hot glue gun
What kind of foam did you use for the grip?
Doesn't it require 8 feet extension pieces? It says only 4.
What do you think is the weight limit? I'd like to build a set of these for my work out sessions. <br> <br>You should come up with bars that hold your feet for extended sit ups.
im not sure the weight limit but i weigh about 155lbs and i did a full hand stand, and they should no sign of fracture.
the gymnastics gym I go to has been using bars like this for years made of pvc and a few have cracked at the joints, but most are fine, if you use 1.5&quot; pvc instead of 1&quot; its less likely to break and in my opinion more comfortable.
I was going to ask how sturdy they could be made out of PVC, then I saw the handstand picture. Quite impressive. And the Push Up Bars, too.
They don't slide around on the floor/ground when your doing push ups?<br>
Slap them on some lazy Susans and BAM! Instant Perfect Push up

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