PVC Recurve Bow


Introduction: PVC Recurve Bow

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This is a bow made from PVC pipe(duhh) DISCLAIMER. Do not shoot at living creatures, fragile objects or your neighbors dog. Sort this is a crappy disclaimer This costs about 7$ if you by all the materials. U probably have most of them

Step 1: Materials

Length of 3/4 PVC pipe- $1.29 for ten feet Nylon string 2-3 $ PVC end caps (optional but preferred, it makes it look better and holds string tighter.)50-65 cents each Superglue $1 Duct tape ( optional)$2-$3 Spray paint (optional)

Step 2: Shaping

First, heat middle if pipe on stove. Slowly turn as you are heating it. Make sure stove is on medium. Try not inhaling fumes (there shouldn't be any if you are doing it right) because they are toxic.it should look like the photo. It will turn a light brown. Let it air dry for a couple minutes.

Step 3: Shaping Part Two

After bending in the middle, heat the middle of each sides the opposite from the original bend. It should look like the image. (I forgot too mention this is my first 'ible and I'm doing it all from my iPod touch. It is also my first recurve bow. So don't judge me too hard.) .

Step 4: Stringing the Bow.

This is the hardest part. Next, in the inside of the bow, use a hacksaw and cut a 1 inch mark on each side at the top of the bow. Tie a square knot on one end of the string.glue it to the inside of the pipe so it comes out of the slit. Do on both sides. If you have the cap, glue it on the pipe. It looks much better if u do. Make sure to pull the string tight before finishing . If it wobbles loosely u may need to tighten it

Step 5: Ending

When you are done, you can spray paint it. Or duct tape around the handle or whatever you want. For Arrows, dowel rods and duct tape make awesom arrows. Dowel rods are usually 80 cents for one rod. The make two small arrows or one regular arrows. I attached a sparkler to the tip with a rubber band and it was cool.nerf darts are good nondestructive tips as well as those pointy erasers u use at school. Be careful, I stuck a sharpened dowel rod into the garage door from 15 feet away. If there was a zombie outbreak try protecting ur self with this if u have no guns or hatchets.



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    It's a good first but maybe watch a vids on YouTube I recommend thebackyardbowyer

    i give you my respect on your 'ible clean cut & straight to the point! well done!

    That's not a recurve. Look up a recurve bow. A recurve curves forward at the ends, not back.

    You may wish to watch these:
    The third one is most important: it would be related to those burns in your bow. Watch it first for your own safety. Take care

    This is very very good, but let me add a suggestion, since perhaps you have involuntarily created several "stress raisers": in ANY structure, the transition from high stresses to low stresses should be gradual. Avoid creating areas where changes on the level of stress are abrupt because stresses will concentrate there to levels much higher than expected.
    Your "recourves" in the bow seem to me too abrupt; I would bet that if and when the bow breaks, it's going to be at one of the sharp bends you made, where stresses would seem to be much higher than average.
    The other stress raiser: the slits at the ends.should not be left like that. In my view, you should drill a relatively larger hole at the end of each slit, to prevent the crack from progressing. All the best.

    I have not tried your bow, but it looks like a great instructable. I look forward to reading your future posts.

    Sorry this is my first instructible