PVC Recycle Bags Holder





Introduction: PVC Recycle Bags Holder

Have you seen the nice containers used to separate your recyclables?

Want a quick and easy way to make some your self that look rather nice?

Where I live there is not a program to pick up recyclables at my curb and we have to take them to the recycle center.  Of course taking them there is much easier in bags and having them presorted makes the drop off time no bother at all.

Using these lets you sort your items into bags and has them ready to slide out and take away.

Step 1: Tools and Parts

Tool :

1) PVC Cutter or Hacksaw
    I would recommend the PVC Cutter as it makes no mess.

2) Measuring tape

3) Nice cup of coffee

Parts :

1) Thirteen (13) feet of PVC pipe 
     I used 3/4" as it is very sturdy size.
2) Two (2) T's same size as your pipe.
3) Eight (8) 90 degree corners same size as your pipe

Step 2: Cutting the Pipe

Now you need to measure the pipe for cutting into a couple different lengths.

1)  Three (3) 20 inch pieces
2)  Four (4) 14 inch pieces
3)  Four (4) 8 inch pieces

Step 3: Pieces

Gather all of your pieces of cut pipe, corners, and T's.

Step 4: Assembly

Once you have all of the pieces put them together following the picture.

Step 5: Bag It

Put a trash bag in it and fold down the sides.

Now you have a great holder to put recyclables in.

Step 6: Make One for Each Type

Make a few more of them and you can set up a full row to separate your recyclables easily.




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    Has anyone tried to make this taller and bigger to help with raking.

    Xwhere do I get this pipe and parts

    good idea! looks great!

    Love This!!!
    But am I missing something in Step 4... I'm counting 8 elbows, but tools required show 4 elbows?

    They are actually very stable, I have one that holds glassware and it does not buckle at all. I have not glued any of the PVC and it is very stable. If stability where a issue I would suggest cementing the connections for the PVC. The bag is actually sitting on the ground and the frame is mostly holding the bag in place. Not very much weight is put against the frame. We have seen some recycling stations that use buckets, these frames would need to be a bit more reinforced to support the weight if they where used that way.