Make your own room divider for very little expense and effort.  Easily customizable to your required size and color/fabric.  I completed mine in about 2 hours, but the most time I spent was ironing the matierial I used to cover the frame.  Hope yours is as easy as mine was!

Step 1: Measure your space and decide the dimensions of your project.

Figure out how tall and wide you want the divider. The space I needed to fill was unusual, taller than wide. My dimensions were 6' tall and only 5' wide. This design is especially useful for small spaces because you don't need to bend mutiple panels to keep it upright. I used it to seperate a small living room into two parts.
<p>Hey Purple Sky </p><p>Thanks so much for taking the time to write this up. </p><p>About the legs....you did 4 x 1' and then use a connector. Would it be possible to do 2 x 2' and slide the connector along the 2' foot piece to the centre?</p><p>Thanks</p><p>dancerinetherain</p>
May I ask how stable it is, Do you think filling up the bottom sectino with heavy rocks would help stabalise it?
I would think so; you would need to adjust the design because there is no bottom PVC pipe to fill, but I would think the added weight would help to stabilize it.
This is perfect! I've been looking for a roomdivider for ages! It was either too expensive, too light (my cats jump on everything they can), too heavy (I'm sitting in a wheelchair), etc. <br>Than I decided to make one myself, from wood. But I was having trouble with the design. <br>This is so the solution for me! Thank you!
Very Cool, Been looking for a simple design like this to separate my open light windows for plants from the rest of the room. With a little modification I could turn it into a three-walled setup. Thank you... :D
My pleasure! Glad you found it useful...

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