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Introduction: PVC Screwdrivers Holder

About: will update this as i will have more time ) and my first instructable coming up , so stay tuned whoever visits ;)

This idea came up as soon as I was introduced to PVC a little better ) Right away thought of a customizable holder over my desk, that was easy to disusemble and re do into more complicated with time. So here it is, made and shared ;) enjoy, please dont judje to much, its my first instructuble )) more on the way !

Step 1: Gather All Info

Nice and clear, all on paper ;)

Step 2: Buy and Cut

Went to local Home Depot, bought all the Tees, 90's, pipe, cups and cutter.
Yes, dont forget and dont be cheep to buy yourself a cutter, easy cuts a pipe, makes nice cuts, no need to clean and play with it!
My all cuts were simple, two 12 inch pipes(1" pvc) for the scredrivers to hang, two 5" legs for the stand, and 4 pc of 3" long for the legs to stand.

Step 3: Assembly

Pick what screwdrivers you are going to hang in there and drill the holes accordingly, pick the distance between holes if your screwdrivers handles are diffrent thickness, clean the holes, put it togather like on the final picture )) have fun, thanks who reads !

Step 4: Final Word

The best part of this project is, that you can take it all appart, and creat your own ideal stand that will fit your screwdrivers the way you want it, you can add more pipes, buy more parts , extend and play it any way you wish, my own rebuilds that popped into my mind already will be posted and added some time soon ))



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    This is a screwdriver rack I made out of wood:


    Notice how you don't have to thread the screwdrivers into holes. I think you might be able to do similar with PVC pipe. Just a thought.

    3 replies

    I guess maybe I'm just weird, but me personally, I like the holes better.

    What you made is sweet tho. :)

    Having used hole racks myself for screwdrivers in the past I consider the finger comb holder an upgrade from hole racks myself. The downside of the finger comb holder is that it is considerably more complicated to make. I'll admit that hole racks hold the tools more securely too. But for me quick access is my primary requirement. I have that row of screwdrivers out for speedy use.

    There is a drawer in a box below that rack with more screwdrivers in it, and I've another drawer of screwdrivers in my roller tool box too. For a fast grab by that bench though my finger comb holder gets all of the action.

    I guess maybe I'm just weird, but me personally, I like the holes better.

    What you made is sweet tho. :)

    It is an intresting idea, but, May have one problem, you will not be able to tilt the row of screwdrivers, rotate the pipe to seethe ends , but sure this idea is in my book )) lol i should start the ideas book, not projects, just ideas, the book will become like an enciclopedia )) thx though ;)

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    a thought just came to mind...

    in order to tile the one or both rows of tools, you need to have ballast weight so that the thing will not fall over.

    if you were to glue the base together, then fill the hollow inside with sand,or some other heavy granular substance, that would keep the thing upright & you could tilt, or not tilt, either row to your liking.

    Lastly, here is some food for thought.

    take your largest screwdriver, (by largest, I mean longest & fattest) that you own, and decide where to put that one FIRST, since it will take up the most room on this holder.

    I can not say enough how much I love this idea!

    Simple fix for that: Just assign screwdrivers by type to each drilled section of pipe (Phillips points to the Left, slotted to the right., Torx bits in another pipe, Allen heads in another) Then paint the handles and pipes in matching colors (not all the same!). Great Idea!
    I went to an estate auction some years back & came home with over 100 screwdrivers! spent maybe $15.00 for all! I wish I had known about this idea then!!

    for your first ible, it is my official opinion that you did very very well! : )

    well built, well explained, everything was written in such a way that even a klutz like me could easily follow it without messing it up.... 8 )

    I have been looking to buy a holder for all my screw drivers, but thanks to you, I won't have to buy, I can use this idea to make one!!

    TY for sharing & I'm looking forward to anything else you make. :)

    Ya did great!

    good idea

    An awesomely simple method! Thanks!

    good idea. simple, efficiency! good!

    great space saving & easy to build

    Very nice project.
    This kind of thinking....I call it as 'Found Object Engineering'

    Nifty idea and very adaptable

    Great idea for scrap PVC laying around.

    for me this site is all about making live a little easier with easy-to-do and why-didn't-i-came-up-with-that ideas. This is exactly what i found in this DIY, Tnx for sharing this :D.

    I am just looking to build a rack for screwdrivers and plyers ...this gives me more food for thought ! The expandability is great as well .Thanks for sharing !


    Router bits, drill bits, and all the other stuff my wife uses and puts back wherever she last uses it.

    A nice home for my toyz.



    Agreed that a pipe cutter is essential. Extra benefit - no toxic PVC "sawdust"