PVC Slingshot Bow With Homemade Whisker Biscuit (Video)




Introduction: PVC Slingshot Bow With Homemade Whisker Biscuit (Video)

This is a modification to my previous intructable, PVC Slingshot bow V 2.0 https://www.instructables.com/id/PVC-Slingshot-Bow...

You can watch the video for a detailed explanation of all the steps as well as some demo shots in the end.

Handle modifications:

I have made bent the T joint handle to a Y joint using heat to give me a better grip.

Additionally, I constructed my own whisker biscuit from a toothbrush to keep the arrows centered and improve the accuracy.

Arrow Modifications:

I have replaced the regular steel nail tips with metal tips from a darts set.

I also made an arrow with a reversed steel nail so the head of the nail is facing forward. This one was based on a viewer suggestion and is for the sole purpose of breaking glass.

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