Introduction: PVC Solar Light Holder

I recently got some solar lights and stuck them in the planter.  I planted some flower seeds and a few months later we could hardly see the solar lights.  so after a few designs i came up with this.  It puts the lights up off the ground and puts them on the wall.

Step 1: What You Need


3/4" PVC pipe
3/4" PVC elbow (4)
3/4" PVC T-fitting (2)
Clear PVC Cement


Jig Saw

Step 2: Cutting to Size

I had a extra block and brick from the wall so i set up a prop to get the right lengths for the PVC.  I ended up cutting three pieces the length of the brick.  and two pieces about 2 inches long.

Step 3: Put the Pieces Together

Put it together and see what it looks like.

Step 4: All Together

Cement the pieces together.  Try it on the wall.

Step 5: All Done

Put it on the wall and put you light in it.  After putting one the wall i noticed the wind make it swing i plan on putting a "X" PVC fitting on the top.  that should stop it from swinging back and forth.


l8nite made it!(author)2012-05-20

great idea !

doo+da+do made it!(author)2012-05-20

You can use them for emergency power outage, not much light but when there is no light it does not take much to be helpful. Been there. Doodado

Buzzinski made it!(author)2010-12-07

Good simple and effective Ible.

I have found a number of uses for these garden lights including as an emergency Anchor light when mooring my boat at night. With your frame I can make a one light stand which can be hung inside the boat from a gunall without any problems. Good one mate.

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