Step 2: Cut section of PVC

Cut Section of PVC to desired length. I just added a half foot to the workpieces that I'll be steaming. My tube came out at about 54 inches.

Sorry No pictures of this one.

PVC makes a ton of mess when you cut it. Cut it outside, or over a trash can or something easy to clean up. Also, 4" is alot for a miter saw to handle, so you may have to cut halfway through, and rotate it, cut doesn't have to be perfect, but try you're best.
NGinuity6 years ago
A PVC Rope saw would give you a cleaner cut here. They're about 2 dollars at the hardware store. Just chuck the PVC up in something, or make sure it is secured to something. Put the rope saw around the spot where you want to cut it and work it through the piece in a downward motion. A whole lot safer and cleaner than a saw. You also don't risk melting the end of the PVC from the cut.