PVC Tiles Clean Pad





Introduction: PVC Tiles Clean Pad

To clean bathroom tiles, I found if the clean pad has a handle will very helpful for heavy duty work. I went to many stores try to buy a clean pad with a strong handle, but I didn't find what I want in the stores. I decided to make one by myself. It is made with PVC. Simple and very helpful. The cost is less than $2.

Step 1: Materials and Tools


3/4" PVC Tee x 1 ($0.42/pc)

3/4" PVC Elbow x 1 ($0.48/pc)

3/4" PVC Pipe 8" Long x 1

1/2" Pex Pipe 2" Long x 1

Screws x 2

Scouring Pad x 1 ($0.59/2pc)



Screw Driver

Knife ( I used a wood chisel)

Step 2: Make a Pad Holder

Cut out 3/8" on both side of the 3/4" PVC tee.

Saw a gap on the tee.

Chamfer the tee with knife.

Put the 1/2" Pex pipe in Scouring Pad, roll and slide into the tee.

Screw the tee, pad and Pex together.

Step 3: Assembling

Assemble the tee with 8" long pipe and elbow.



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    Very nice.This is awesome.

    Take care Dyson, competitors are there !

    is it flexible enough to make a tighter/smaller cut and use it like a jaw/clamp?
    getting rid of the screws.

    1 reply

    pensei a mesma coisa

    PVC pipe! What can't it do? This is awesome. I'm going to make one today!

    I scoured the stores looking for a tool like the one you created. Simple, elegant, useful. Now I need to scrape around for a grout cleaning tool. I found that copper wire brushes work best, but they have an affinity to stab your fingers in a moment of inattention.

    Nice work!

    1 reply

    excellent idea of using the pvc pipe and scrubbing pad, i am thinking that interfacing it onto a telescopic floor mop pole will be a very handy tool for people like me with limited mobility

    1 reply

    I would think a solid section would work better- you can put more pressure on it with out it colapsing.

    simple and practical very nice idea

    Muy buena idea, genial, práctico y económico, gracias por compartir.

    Very good idea, great, practical and economical, thanks for sharing.

    If you put an end-cap on the handle, may need a bit of glue, it won't let fluid drip thru the tube and onto your wrist. If you use it to plunge, like in a toilet, it will stop water entering the tube via captured air.

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    Yes, put a cap on the end has good looking and likes a finished product. I'm worry some dirty water stay in the handle, so I choose open end. An elbow is good for hold the handle and you can make a hook for it:


    Very nice. You can also just use a dowel pushed in the tee inside the cleaning pad to hold it in place. No need for screws to replace the pad.

    Genius! I love to see fast, easy, durable, and inexpensive fixes. Your post is exaclty what, to me, is the at the root of what makes instructables.com so great :^)

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