A tiller extension swivel allows one to sit on the rail of one's sailboat, yet still steer. Tiller extensions are also referred to as 'hiking sticks'. A swivel can be purchased for minimal cost, but I like to build things, so...

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Small piece of PVC pipe. I think I used 2 inch diameter, about 3 inches worth, leftover from a plumbing project.
QTY 2 #8x3/4 flat head wood screws
QTY 1 #8x1 flat head wood screw
QTY 1 3/16 x 3/4 "binding post" or pin with retaining ring
Spray glue
Pattern - attached later
Scraps of wood

Tools that I used, suggestions as to what one could use will follow in the steps where the tools were used:
Heat Gun
Drill press
Stationary disc sander
Sharp Knife
11/64 drill bit
3/16 drill bit
13/64 drill bit
Countersink for #8 flat head screws

<p>This is very creative, but how well did this hold up? The universal joint seems a little flimsy for the large loads sailing can place on a tiller.</p>

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