PVC Toothbrush Holder - Inside Cabinet Door





Introduction: PVC Toothbrush Holder - Inside Cabinet Door

Simple project. Minimal tools, no gluing. Get your toothbrushes off the vanity and away from germs.

I did see this project done on the Internet.

Step 1: Cut Tubes and Drill

I cut 1" PVC into 4.5" lengths. Bought caps for the bottom. Drilled a hole in each 1" from top to hold hook.

Step 2: Attach Caps

Don't glue them.

Step 3: Attach Felt Pads If Desired

Makes less noise when you open and close cabinet.

Step 4: Center the Middle One

Measure and mark a good spot on your cabinet. Make sure your toothbrush and PVC clear anything in the cabinet. Center and attach a 3M hook on the cabinet. I used the ones that you can pull off later.

Step 5: Attach the Other Hooks

Use the other tubes as a guide on where to line up the others.

Step 6: You're Done




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Good to make them removable for dishwashing, most certainly they will fill with schmutz in the tube bottom after a while. ☺

1 reply

'tis strange to see the german word "Schmutz" with the right meaning in here ;) hehe

If I were you, I'd drill a small hole a the bottom to help any water drip out. If you don't do this, It might cause mold at the bottom