PVC Yurt





Introduction: PVC Yurt

Here's a cheap, easy, and fun solution to your camping shade structure needs! The whole thing will cost you around 200 dollars and an afternoon's worth of pvc cutting. The result? a 12ft diameter, octagonal yurt that fits into a snowboard bag for easy transportation. I used a parachute ($60 included in the total cost) to cover it  which works great as far as size however it is not very breathable so rolling up the sides helps during the day.

Now the fun! because it's so cheap to make, spend a little time on paint (helps with keeping the various parts organized). Also, the roof is almost 10ft in the middle leaving plenty of room for hanging lights.

Detailed plans coming soon!



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if your worried about the wind you might be able to fill the pipes with sand as you do each section and then put the uprights in the base first then fill.....ok so as i type it starts to sound like a pain, BUT if you needed it stronger and heavier and had the time.....

....or just add water into the pipes.

1 liter water is 1 kilogram.
50 l = 50 kg...
well you know math.
But obviously, you'll need to close the end of each section.

Do you have the plans for this? I would like to make one.

Pretty interesting. Nice blue print too. I am wondering why you didn't make the expandable lattice that genuine yurts have. They are lightweight but strong and you wouldn't need big old 2 inch thick pipes. I'm thinking 1/2" pop riveted together in a lattice would be preferable. I loved the parachute idea. The reason I looked this up was I am thinking a yurt frame would make a great green house.

Very interesting version of the yurt! Forward a detailed plan.

This is important: parachutes do not stop the wavelengths of light that cause sunburn. So, you will have shade, but you can still get sunburn!

this looks perfect! when can we expect the detailed plans?!?!?!

It is now July 2013 still no plans.....

Simply tie rope in an X between the rectangle areas of the walls. Your problem is that squares and rectangles aren't very rigid, but adding some braces between two opposite corners should work well and save you alot in time redesigning and materials.