PVC Barreled Crossbowgun





Introduction: PVC Barreled Crossbowgun

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A video of the crossbowgun I made. it's a crossbow with a barrel that shoots anything you can fit in it's barrel.
it will shoot a 150 gram projectile 60 meters and a bolt 120 meters, actual ammo comming soon.
it is powered by rubber bands and the barrel is made of PVC.

An instructable is now also available:



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    hate to double post, but is there a plunger in the pvc pipe, or are the elastic bands in direct contact with the projectile? i would love to see an isntructable.

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    there is a plunger of 32mm PVC in contact with the projectile, the barrel is made of 40mm PVC which makes a perfect fit. I used rubber bands because it was way easier to make and i can control the power.


    okay, cool thanks for the pic, it helped alot. i see your point about the rubber bands... might you use surgical tubing instead?

    this is pretty cool. i wanted to make something like this. good job. however, you might get more power if you use an actual bow mechanism to power it, instead of elastic bands. good job.