PVC Bite Indicator From Golf Tees





Introduction: PVC Bite Indicator From Golf Tees

There are many kinds of bite indicators
I have found that these are cheap to make and easy to use.

1)Go to the local sport shop and get some golf tees,the kind that has 2 parts to them.
2)Remove the top part where the ball rests on,this is the part that will be used,and you should be able to just pull them appart
3)Drill a hole all the way through ,if you removed the spike properly you hole is half way done already as its embedded in the top part.
4)Using a sharp hobby knife or blade cut along the one side of  the tee,this is where you would insert the line,dont cut it straight down but at an angle



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    4 Discussions

    How does it indicate ?

    So it's a bobber?

    LOL ...well personally id go fishing and put it on the line and wait for it to "indicate a bite"