Picture of PVC iPad holder and mount for tent camping
My wife and I recently went on a camping trip to the beach and I posted an instructable on how to ruggedize and bug-proof a small air conditioner here.  I knew we would be taking our iPad with us to check email and watch movies but I didn't want to have to hold or prop the iPad up the entire time not to mention I didn't want it lying in the bottom of the tent getting sand all over it so I decided to make a cheap, adjustable mount that would be sturdy enough to support the iPad but also easily transported.  The best bang for your buck when it comes to piecing together a relatively sturdy structure for practically nothing is PVC of course.  PVC pipe and connectors are basically tinkertoys for big kids!
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Step 1:

Picture of
The pictures pretty much tell the tale.  I wanted a leg on either side to support a long piece of PVC pipe going across the width of the tent with the iPad holder in the middle.  I used 3/4" PVC pipe.  This is a pup tent so I wanted it just high enough so that it was out of the way but also so that I could just raise my arms to reach the iPad controls and to adjust the tilt angle.  I used PVC cement on only a few of the fittings; mainly just so I could see what piece went where when we arrived at the campsite.

Step 2:

Picture of
Here is the iPad holder portion of the mount.  I wanted to cut a slot into the pipes at first but that proved to be too difficult and unnecessary.  It was much easier to just draw a straight line on either side of the PVC and then run it along a bench grinder until the wheel reached the line.  Make sure you wear long sleeves, a mask and eye protection when grinding PVC because that white PVC dust coming off the grinder goes everywhere and is probably not good for your lungs.
roscoerules2 years ago
Thanks. How well does the ipad pivot in the mount? Does the PVC setup as you have it permit pivoting? Thanks,
stindall2 years ago
Smart idea! We take our touchpad camping solely to watch movies while we're in bed. I love camping but even at 23 years old being outside in the dark with all kinds of animals around still freaks me out so it's comforting. Plus who doesn't like to snuggle up with their loved one and watch a movie? No one, that's who! Haters can take a hike!
djbarista2 years ago
Movies & AC! Why even leave the house, Good Idea though.
supkrod2 years ago
This would work great for a bed, thinking bunk bed, sailors bunks etc...a floor flange and you could attach to bunk above...
capnjg2 years ago
So basically you really hate camping, but somebody makes you because..............................??????????????????
This is the coolest thing i ever saw! I almost feel sorry for not having an ipad. You should so sell this on kick starter or etsy. Go for it!
Creamaster2 years ago
"bug proof an air conditioner?"

This is not camping.
replayreb (author)  Creamaster2 years ago
You're right.  This was a cheaper alternative to the beach house we rented last year which was unavailable this year due to the short notice.  Below is a copy and paste of my two bills.

Here is my bill from last year:
Rent: $2525.00
Travel Insurance: $0.00
Damage Insurance: $45.00
Total Other Charges: $0.00
Total Taxes and Fees: $277.75
Total Vacation Cost: $2847.75
Damage Deposit: $0.00
Total Price: $2847.75

Here is my bill from this year:
USE FEE: $96.00
TOTAL: $106.56
PAST PAID: $0.00
MasterCard: $106.56
mdlmusic2 years ago
An excellent idea and great use of PVC tubing. I can see how your idea could be adapted to make a mount on a microphone stand for musicians who use iPads as lyric/chord charts while performing.
l8nite2 years ago
great idea, I love pvc pipe. Did the ac keep the tent comfortable ?
replayreb (author)  l8nite2 years ago
I love PVC too! It's cheap and you can build a lot of stuff with it. The tent was referred to as "The Igloo" during the entire trip so yeah it was very cool and comfortable even while zipped up inside our sleeping bags.
great, I'm glad you could enjoy florida despite the awful heat wave
slylee2 years ago
nice Dr. D! Roughin' it I see ;)
replayreb (author)  slylee2 years ago
Someone told me that what I was doing was "glamping", not camping. lol
haha nice.