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This is an instrument I designed for stage performances. 
It had to be portable, so it sets up and breaks down and fits into a golf club bag. 

I made it Pentatonic to make it musically versatile without having too many notes which would make it complicated.

This is tuned in the key of E because I play with a guitarist and you know how they LOVE the key of E.

This is one where you just need the general concepts and then make it to suit your own needs.  Well, maybe all Instructables are like that.

If you are making a PVC instrument for the first time, I encourage you to use a pentatonic scale.  It's  easy to make lots of great music, fits in nicely with percussion, and, well, it's five notes and not 8 or 13.

Check out all the rock tunes based on the pentatonic  www.free-press-release.com/news/200901/1231778224.html

Also amazing grace and almost every other spiritual.  Great musical/historical lesson here, www.youtube.com/watch

Step 1: What You Need

3/4" schedule 40 PVC pipe.  about 3-10' sections.
2" schedule 40 PVC pipe about 3-10'sections..
8 T slip connectors 3/4" 
1 X slip connectors 3/4".
10 slip elbow connectors 3/4".
6-  slip elbows (female /female 2".
6-  slip elbows(female/male) 2" .
2 feet of 3" schedule 40 PVC pipe.
12  2" x 1/4" bolts and wing nuts.
Velcro, industrial strength.
Ping Pong paddles.
Foam padding, 1/2" thick, heavy. for paddle playing sticks. 
Miter saw, Tip: use a metal cutting blade on your miter saw for minimal PVC dust [very nasty] and clean squared off cuts.
Dust mask because PVC dust is nasty.
Safety goggles.
PVC primer and cement.
Method of tuning, piano, pitch pipe, tuning gizmo, etc.

To make it pretty...
Sand paper
Spray paint primer and spray paint

<p>Do you know approximatly how much does it cost to make this instrument?</p>
<p>I'm guessing $25 to $40. been a while. PVC is cheap. Connectors are the expensive part.</p>
snubbyj on youtube look him up
&quot;everyone knows it's winnnn-dy!&quot;<br /> <br /> at least that's what portions of it&nbsp; sounded like.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; :o) <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
&nbsp;Very Blue Man Group of you!
Excellent and fun instructable! <br />
Very, very cool. Thanks for the vid.<br /> Also, your rainstick is pretty awesome. Gotta get me some PVC now.
I second Cheese's call for a video, and could you make the link in step 3 clickable?<br /> <br /> <br />
I figured out how to make that clickable.&nbsp; And it is done.&nbsp; Great suggestion.&nbsp; also video coming very soon, just need a camera man.<br />
This looks really awesome, good job. Could you post a video or sound clip of what it sounds like. <br /> <br /> , Dan<br />

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