PVC Longbow





Introduction: PVC Longbow

This is a longbow I made using a 6' length of 3/4 inch schedule 40 PVC. I bent the PVC by heating it over a stove. I strung it with 1/8" nylon cord. The fletching on the arrow is made with orange duct tape (the orange color does not effect how well it works).



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Why the did u bend it in the middle that way, it gives less power and the bow can be bent fairly far without breaking

I made one that way and works good, not much power but fun too shoot, I would go too a heat and air store and get some 3/4 inside diameter with 3/8 wall thickness pipe insulation and cut it down too 8 inches long and slide it onto pipe for a grip

I though the color did mater been using orange all this time.

that is a cool shirt your wearing! i go to that college!

This is cool. You put down almost no instructions and I still have a good idea how to build it. My only Q is: how do you string it?

Take your string, then tie a loop at each end and struggle to get the loop in the notches at each end. It's not easy but it is pretty simple.

U should flatten the limbs so there's less chance of it breaking