Introduction: PVC Pipe Sling

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This is something useful I made in 2 minutes (or less) for free with stuffs lying around the house. It's particularly useful when buying a piece of pipe that you've got to take home with a bike.

Step 1: Materials Need

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You wil need:

1.a laptop strap (or simillar, must have clips at the end)

2.A pair of rubber wristbands

These wristbands were used as i was buying 2 inch pipe.

Step 2: Finished!

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Just clip the writbands onto the laptop strap and there you have it! just slide the pipe into the wristbands and there you have it!


stephenniall (author)2010-01-09

Thats a simple idea Im going to zip tie a few together and use it for when  i got 'dumpster diving'

X_D_3_M_1 (author)2007-11-08

? though u ment weapon

QwertyuioLP (author)X_D_3_M_12008-07-26


flamerz14 (author)X_D_3_M_12007-11-09

Haha..I used it to carry pipe when making my as a pudgun sling too.

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