Introduction: PVC Rack for Kids Clothes

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We create a hanger (rack) for kids clothing!

Step 1: Planning, Material and Tools

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What you need material:

1. The pipe 20 1,25m

2. The pipe 25 2,60m

3. Tee 20 7 units

4. Tee 25 6 units

5. Tee 25/20/25 2units

6. Plug 20 7units

7. Plug 25 6 units

8. Coupling 25/20 2 units

9. Corner 45 ° 2 units

What you need tools:

1. Ruler + Roulette

2. Caliper (desirable)

3. Marker / Pencil

4. Scissors for plastic pipes

5. Soldering (glue) for PVC (polypropylene pipes)

Step 2: Сombines Elements (module)

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The most convenient way to collect the module design. If there is an error, it is easy to alter without dismantling the previously prepared.

Step 3: Final Look

Picture of Final Look

Rack is quite stable and can withstand the load of kids clothing!


brincher (author)2015-10-10

For kids? I'm 6'2" and I will use it for me! lol

skodnik (author)brincher2015-10-10

Really. Why not?! :)

brincher (author)skodnik2015-10-10

I mean 6'2" tall, not 62 yo! hehehe
Yes, really. I'm actually finishing the work right now. I did several adjustments, but I got the main concept from your design. Thanks!

skodnik (author)brincher2015-10-11

Yes I understand. :)

Excellent! I am glad to be helpful. It is curious to see the result.

octaviob2 (author)2015-10-09

interesante, me da más ideas de usos, gracias

skodnik (author)octaviob22015-10-09

Me alegro de ser útil.

seamster (author)2015-09-28

Very nicely done! This looks like a perfect little clothes rack for kids.

skodnik (author)seamster2015-09-28


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