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Ever wanted to play those cool "glissando's" with those great horn players in jazz bands, ska bands, brass bands etc. but couldn't afford a real brass trombone ? Here is your Instructable to make one with just cheap pvc tube and some garden hose stuff. Start blowing your pants off and really annoy your neighbors !

WARNING: I'm not a trombone player so any ear-damage after seeing/listening to my video is at your OWN RISK ! (In fact I'm only trying to make music especially with DIY instruments)

This instrument was actually used in my legendary band "Studio KREUSCH" in which I played the bass. The one I had back than was really nice and bigger but was stolen after a performance at a local club so If you recognize my trombone....I want it back !!!! (Does this say anything about the quality?.......naah.)

This is my first instructable and English isn't my native language so any comments are very welcome so I can improve my instructable skills.

Step 1: What do you need?

Picture of What do you need?
pvc trombone (1).jpg
Hmmm, what is missing here? ..Ehm, oh yes the hole saw which you can put in to your drill for making the 6,5 cm diameter "puck".

All measurements are in the metric system, while I'm Dutch. Only the tubes diameter are in inches while they sell them like that here to. (Do I smell here a conspiracy of American/English electricians?)

The rest is listed in the picture.
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BlakeW12 months ago
also, does anybody know if it is actually an f horn, or is it too indistinct to tell?
BlakeW12 months ago
also, does anybody know if it is actually an f horn, or is it too indistinct to tell?
I like the basics and stuff. I'm an acual bass trombone player and the ambatchure thing is really easy.. Make your lips as tight as they will go and blow fast air. You should get a buzzing sound and when you hear that just do the same thing into the trombone and you can glissando the crap out of your homemade t-bone.
Yeah, but if u actually start playing, u might not want to lower ur jaw and not press your lips together as hard. Another way to think of it is like a fake fart
BlakeW12 months ago
lol! Nice design, the only thing I could think of to add would be a working tuning slide in the back. You could maybe use some 3/4 inch pvc inside of some 1 inch or something like that. Also, it might help to use actual off joints instead of just bending the pipe. The funnel on the end makes it look a bit odd, but overall it would be great I play bass bone, and it thought it would be cool, though aittle hard, to make a bass bone with triggers?. Thanks, if I end up making a bass bone out of pvc I'll comment with a photo
woody5586 years ago
BlakeW1 woody5582 months ago
Woody, I play bass trombone, and. O it will not work unless you don't care if you sound like a dying elephant or not ?
rgreen103 years ago
Does anyone know what the range of this is? Could I possibly get it down to C2 or up to D4?
Is there anything that needs to be placed between the pvc piping to keep the air from leaking out or do the two pieces seem to be a good fit?
I made a trombone out of straws......... I don't have the measurements right.

How is the PVS sax coming along?? I am really looking forward to that inscrutable, whoever it was who said they were making it. Hurry!! (:
I mean PVC sax not PVS. sorry. typo
woody5585 years ago
I couldn't find 5/8 inch PVC pipe at my local home depot. Where can I get it? Is that the inside or outside diameter?
sweet! i love the idea. sorry about your trombone. but the pink panther (original) is primarly tenor sax.
Dave A (author)  SeMi_AuToMaTic7 years ago
Oh well, i'll have to think about making a tenor sax out of pvc tubes then ;) I know people build them from bamboo and I ones started with a clarinet out of pvc so it must be possible
I am almost there, Aeolus.  The reed mouthpiece is the hardest part, but I finally conquered that one yesterday.
Dave A (author)  whiteoakart5 years ago
Nice! I'm looking forward to the instructable.
I am working on a PVC sax. Almost there. The reed is made from a discarded debit card.

New Instructable coming soon!
78Andy5 years ago
So you were able to bend PVC pretty easily? Is there a certain wall-thickness that is best for bending without breaking?
Dave A (author)  78Andy5 years ago
In step 4 you can see how I did it. Using the bending spring is very important; without it you´ll certainly brake the pvc.
silver936 years ago
excuse me what is a speedrill?
Dave A (author)  silver936 years ago
Sorry, the proper English name would be aspade bitI think.
An Villain6 years ago
lol funny video, pink panther.
whiteoakart6 years ago
Dit is uitstekend!

Great Instructable, Aeolus. Of course, I am biased since there is a special place in my heart for DIY instruments.
Dr. Seuss-a-phone

Your english is very good and will only get better with writing more Instructables.

I have been looking for a DIY mouthpiece. I used a trumpet mouthpiece for my Dr Seuss-a-phone, but I am trying to reduce this cost substantially. We have a great music festival every year called "Riverfolk". I am usually involved with kids' activities. We have a DIY instrument making workshop every year. Usually, this consists of PVC Didgs, shakers, and coffeecan bongos. We have talked about bugles, but I have not found a suitable inexpensive mouthpiece. I think you may have solved my problem! Dank u!
Dave A (author)  whiteoakart6 years ago
Graag gedaan ( Your welcome ). Always nice to hear that I've solved someone else's problem's now I only have to solve those of my own ;)
M1 Monty6 years ago
Pretty good! I'm a trombone player who has played at a few local gigs, as well as Disney and Universal in Orlando. Good design on teh 'bone. I'm surprised that it actually works, but, for now I think I'll just stick to my brass horn. Oh, and one recommendation: If you really want to learn how to play a brass instrument, buy a trombone mouthpiece (they're as low or lower than $12 on eBay) and start buzzing on it. Even the pros do mouthpiece buzzing, so it will definitely help you. If you want to actually start playing the t-bone, it would be good to get one. Just a student edition (no fancy F-triggers or D-triggers) will be good to start on, and you can rent these out from music stores. Next, find a private teacher and you're ready to go! One more thing: Please don't reply to this message... my e-mail is full enough. _
groton7 years ago
What is that PVC tube called ? Or do you know where I can order it . . Its yellow electric tube I thought? but I can't find any for sale on the internet... please help ;) And Kick ass instrument
rip333 groton7 years ago
it's cpvc.
CapnTac7 years ago
you sound like charlie from lost! omg its you charlie youre not dead under the ocean ! i love lost!!!!!! its on every thursday night at 9;00 pm on channel 3 abc yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you need to put the size of the plywood
this is definately gonna be the first instructable i make now i'm going to go find my lil bro MUA HA HA
nrbhagwat7 years ago
i was just wondering, what is the range on an instrument like this?
Dave A (author)  nrbhagwat7 years ago
Well I don't have a clue. Never tried to found out and since I'm not a real trombone player I think I'm not capable to play the full range.
A real trombone? Well... I can hit anything between A low low low E ( 4 bars below low A Flat) and a high high high F (6 Bars above Regular G)...
Kiteman7 years ago
Excellent! Love the sound - #1 son is learning the trombone through school, and his first few weeks sounded just like your video. If you make one of these carefully, I can't see why it couldn't be an affordable practice instrument (trombones cost a fortune - we borrowed one).
Dave A (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
These were my first weeks to! But the last ones also, while my wive is complaining to much.
theKNEXfolo7 years ago
lol that looks awesum i play trombone in my band second chair too out of like 8 trombone players.
Dave A (author)  theKNEXfolo7 years ago
Wow. I am a trombonist and I admit, trombones are VERY expensive.However, you just can't beat the annoying buzzing sound of a DIY trombone... Good Job.
SilentTecro7 years ago
"the circle saw/drill which you can put in to your drill for making the 6,5 cm diameter puck"
It's usually called a hole saw, I believe, if you're thinking of a round strip of metal.
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