Picture of PWM Arduino fan speed controller
Simple dual channel PWM Arduino fan speed controller shield
You can download the pcb an sch (made with expresspcb) from my website (download section): http://www.apcc.tk
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Step 1: Part List

Picture of Part List
Part list:

- 3.5cm x  6cm single sided PCB

- 2pcs BD139 Power transistor

- 2pcs N4001 diode

- 1pcs LTV 826  2 channel Optocoupler

- 2pcs 10K ohm resistor

- 2pcs 220 ohm 0.5w resistor

- 1pcs 1K ohm 0.5w resistor

- 1pcs 3mm Red LED

- 2pcs of 2 wire connector

- 2pcs JST 3-Pin Connector Plug

Step 2: Testing PWM Arduino fan speed controller

Picture of Testing PWM Arduino fan speed controller
With this simple arduino shield also you can driver 3 watt power leds.
Read more about this project on my DIY web site: PWM Arduino
Ozzie_G2 years ago
Nice little project, minor improvement would be appreciated.
I am sure the PCB works, but in your schematics some crossing lines DO and some DON'T connect.