PWM dimmer using NE555 and MOSFET with DIY aluminium case.

 a low cost PWM dimmer  using  NE555 and MOSFET  with DIY aluminium case.

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Step 1: Aluminum case from Aluminum Square Tube.

Picture of aluminum case from Aluminum Square Tube.
case (3).jpg
aluminum case  has dual role.

first one is            protection cover.
and second is    heat sink for MOSFET.

Step 2: Drilling holes

Picture of Drilling holes
board (7).jpg
POT fixing on aluminum case.
MOSFET fixing.

Step 3: Circuit diagram

Picture of Circuit diagram

1,  555 ic
3, diodes 1N4148 x 2
4, capacitors -ceramic- 100nf ,10nf   47uf/35v
5, Pot  100 K Linear
6, resistor  10K 

circuit diagram source:

Step 4: Circuit board soldering.

Picture of circuit board soldering.

Step 7: Working video

Picture of working video
inventable5 months ago

Hi, the original project and the circuit diagram are in: