Picture of PYRO DETONATOR 2      igniter detonator fireworks pyrotechnics
Device which can detonate or ignite just about anything you want it to. Made for safe ignition of fireworks but with some skills you can make this fine case and put anything you want on the end of it.
Heres the link to the PYRO DETONATOR 1: http://www.instructables.com/id/Detonator-box-Ignition-box-Fireworks-Pyro-box/

Step 1: Getting started

Picture of Getting started
So firstly these are the things you will need.

A hobby case, I used the one you see in the picture
A toggle switch with red cover
7.2 volt rechargable battery with plugs on the end (rc car)
Push switch (red)
Key switch (with keys)
Jack plug (not quite shore which one it is, you see it in the picture)
Jack plug socket with lock
pull ties (tiewraps)
Led with fitting
Isolation tape
Sticker maching
30 meters of wire(more or less)
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erica55 months ago

can u add a wireless detonator in your PYRO DETONATOR 2?

How about that sweet-looking key switch? I've been looking all over to try and find one, but all I was able to find is a momentary switch: you need to hold it to keep the current flowing. Any others were all from these Chinese bulk ordering sites that the minimum order is 500, and I don't even know if they're the right ones. Anyone I ask about this, even at a hobby store, look at me like a grew another head out of my ar-...well....out of somewhere.
any good electronic's store will have various key switches.....radio shack used to to have them, but they don't anymore....
Radioshack is a dissapointment, they can barely even be considered as an electronic store anymore. Last time I went there I asked for magnet wire and they looked at me like I was insane.
 they dont have nichrome either :(

you can find nichrome wire in soldering iron

Same thing happened to me too, but instead they gave me a roll of speaker wire and told me it was the same thing.
larsjet (author)  laminatedsamurai7 years ago
that jack is a 6.5 millmeter jack
6.35mm/ 1/4"
ive got my own website!
Try either ebay or elliot electronics (wholesale or retail) 12volt ones are easier to get but finding a 120 volt switch is harder.
ACE hardware had one for 20 bucks.
OLD COMPUTERS... get some old Pentium 1s most of them have key switches L.E.D and L.E.D displays speakers and etc.................
ebolson1 year ago
Where can i find the jacks
ebolson1 year ago
How to wire jack and wires
oeng huat2 years ago
Hi, why do you need to use a jack plug? How do you connect it?
How does this work? how does it ignite the actual fuse of the fire work/ C4? (jk about the C4)
please help
I conceived something like this after watching the build team on Mythbusters touching bare wires to power tool batteries in order to ignite their various explosives. I never got around to building it, and then I was watching season 8, episode 5 and saw them using one to light some model rockets. Awesome.
khall73 years ago
can i just use a rechargeable 9v battery for ease.
No, it doesn't have enough the ability to disharge enough current.
skrubybubl4 years ago
Wait... What type of jack socket do you use?
Anyone answer please
its a 6.35mm or 1/4" jack
ernieotc3 years ago
Just used your guide to make my own - great job
sullivan993 years ago
Quick Question: Can this system be used alone to fire a flash pot?
Much Appreciated
sullivan993 years ago
Quick Question: Will this system alone ignite a flash pot?
Much Appreciated
skrubybubl4 years ago
Im not sure which one is the jack, and if anyone can
Please send a link where you can buy it
skrubybubl4 years ago
Also, What type of jack socket do you use?
Anyone answer please
skrubybubl4 years ago
You could use a potato cannon, but remember that they are felonies in California, florida and several more
chry_cool4 years ago
Very smart Piece of kit !
Flashmaster5 years ago
What is there to blow up? Wat can you use as an ignitable substance?
I was thinking on maybe testing it on firecrackers. just a thought
the suger, the KNO3, provides the oxigen to make the energie containing suger ignite.
50% pottasium nitrate 50% molten sugar - let it go hard and lite it :P
make lots of smoke (but stand back, explodes 1st)
PyromanX6 years ago
PLEASE help with the case!!! Cannot find!!!
jvifun PyromanX4 years ago
go to any hardware store
jvifun4 years ago
hi i was wondering i found a website where thej sell the batteries
they have a difference in mAh i dont know how much i need
nice guide
greetings joel
Ok quick question. Considering the modern day understanding that electricity (flow of electrons) comes out of the negative (black) side of the battery and goes through the load (in this case the switches and buttons etc) and returns back to the battery at the positive side of battery, here is my question....... Looking at the wiring schematic, if the electricity is coming out of the negative (black) side of the battery, then it appears that the first thing the electricity goes to in the circuit if the phone jack which has wires leading to the explosive. So, why is it that when you wire it like this, that the electricity can only flow to the explosive if you flip the switch and hit the momentary push button? Because, in my mind according to this schematic, if the only way to complete the circuit would be to turn the key on, flip the switch, and press the monentary button, then wouldn't the electricity HAVE to be coming out of the positive (red) side of the battery? If this question seemed confusing, someone just please explain to me EXACTLY where the electricity from this battery is entering the wires and EXACTLY where it is coming out of the wires and entering back into the battery. Thanks
Electricity only flows when there is a path for it to flow. And it flows pretty much instantaneously so, for all practical purposes, the direction of the flow does not matter. The electricity doesn't go right to the explosive jack because the circuit isn't complete, and thus there is no path for it to flow. You should read up a bit on Electronics theory. :)
No, I understand that. What I am saying is I would think that the current must be flowing in the direction that the key must be turned first, then the flip switch must be pressed, then the mom push button must be pressed for this thing to blow something up, right? The reason I say that is because if the current is "everywhere" at all times the circuit is closed, then this ignitor would blow something up without the key on or the flip switch flipped on right?
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