Step 4: Finishin UP

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So everything should be about ready now, charge your battery and try it out with a small copper wire piece, leave the box open to check for any failures (shouldnt be any).
Now close everything up and make it neat. Use some Isolation tape to make the box look really neat and I used a sticker machine to print out the FIRE and ARM stickers. I like the look.

Now just plug in the plugs from the battery, turn the key flip the cover, flip the switch and press....
That how simple the PYRO DETONATOR 2 really is.
sullivan993 years ago
Quick Question: Can this system be used alone to fire a flash pot?
Much Appreciated
skrubybubl4 years ago
Also, What type of jack socket do you use?
Anyone answer please
skrubybubl4 years ago
You could use a potato cannon, but remember that they are felonies in California, florida and several more
Flashmaster5 years ago
What is there to blow up? Wat can you use as an ignitable substance?
I was thinking on maybe testing it on firecrackers. just a thought
i think it would be nice if you added a led so when you "arm" the device the led is turned on
chemist7116 years ago
maybe these are dumb questions, but I am new at all this. 1) why use a huge 7.2 V battery on bottom when you could use 9V battery which is stronger and smaller? 2) All of the switches that I see in like radioshack have three prongs on bottom, but the toggle switch in this schematic has two, does that matter and what do I do with the third prong? 3) In the diagram in step 3, when the wire that is coming from the jack socket breaks into two directions ( 1 going to LED and 1 going to plug going to battery, how do you actually do that with the wires?
A 9v battery may have more voltage than the 7.2v battery, but the 7.2v has more amperage than the 9v battery, this is why he would choose the RC style battery.
An RC car can run off of different voltages, but the longevity of the battery between charges depends on the amount of power it can hold, which is the mA rating.
yea you need the amperage i used a lawnmower battery for a 4th of july settup and i hooked it to the speaker wire going from the box to the clips it worked well but we decided to go the old fashion way and use lighters
the 3 pronged one has 1. a load prong 2. power prong 3. a ground prong connect the power and load prongs, and optionally use the ground plug if your case is metal to prevent accidental discharge
You could also use a 9.6v RC rechargeable battery. They are essentially 8 AA batteries, as opposed to the 6 C batteries in the 7.2v, but it would still be rechargeable.
pen757 years ago
Hobby ShopHave you considered using a glowplug to actually light the fuse on the firework? If anyone doesn't know what a glowplug is check the link. Its reusable and pretty cheap. But if you have the coinage and don't mind spending it you can pretty much pick up everything you need from a local hobby shop. Just a thought. This is my first reply so please Be Kind. :)
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Thanks for the idea. I didnt think of that at all and was clueless abouthow it was going to ignite.
if u up the voltage to 12v you can use pencil lead/graphite.
NP butthead95; There are usually more than one way to do things.
butthead957 years ago
I've taken your schematics and enhanced them a bit. Hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on the stuff and build my model. I have added an LED to the armed switch and decided to use a rechargeable 9V. If i can i will post the schematics.
laffinggas7 years ago
Anyone have any good box ideas?? If so please share them.
deadlydayne7 years ago
so how does this detonate anything? does the copper wire explode like with the bead wire on the altoids can detonator? is that enought voltage cause if it does without the capacitor that would be much better.
no, it just sends an electrical charge to what you are trying to detonate