this is a cool thing a thought of for som kind of prank (dont take the prank thing to seriosly). so the two ways I can think of to make them r 1. sandwich two together with some explosive between them (taken out of fire works) and insert a fuse and presto an exlodeing card (yeah). the second way is to cover it in some kind of flammable object like exploding paint (look it up its another instructable and boom another exploding card. In this instructable i will be doin the sandwiching way. but feel free to coment on this explaining what u think would be better.
disclaimer: this is soooo dangerous note that for this instructable that we will be taking apart explosives (firecrakers, picalo petes, and others) to get the goods inside. I know an expert who will help me (not really an expert). if you lose any important part of your body SUCK IT UP and be a man it is not my fault.
P.S. dont tell my mom i am doing this.

Step 1: Stuff You Will Need

1.small fireworks such as firecrackers
3.a fuse of some sort
4. scissors
and for saftey
1.saftey glasses
3.long pants and shirt
4.water (if a fire just happens to start)
cool trick L you should use a joker for the front card ps can i borrow a firecracker

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