Sharing a drink with friends is great. Sharing time with robots is great too. Playing classic arcade games? Fantastic. I deeply enjoy the electromechanical goodness of classic pinball machines, so in combining my interests, I set out to build my own bar 'bot that had an arcade game interface. After many hours of research and a handful of sketches, I came up with the rough concept for Pa-Drink-O: The Pachinko Bar Bot.

This Instructable will demonstrate construction and proper operation of a drink dispensing “robot” in the style of a Japanese pachinko machine. The unit consists of several systems: bottle storage, alcohol dispensing mechanism, user input controls, ball release mechanism, drink platform, playfield sensors, and scoreboard. After dispensing balls into the hopper on top of the machine, the player is given a set time limit in which to score as many points as possible by aiming and firing the ball release mechanism toward targets on the playfield. Once the game timer has run down, the player will be able to select a drink depending on how many points they have earned.

Step 1: Parts and Materials

Intel Edison with Arduino breakout board

(5x) alphanumeric LED board

(4x) peristaltic pump

PWM driver board

sound effects board

(2x) analog standard servo


photointerrupter breakout board

mechanical arcade joystick

arcade button

5V power supply

12V power supply

(2x) 4 ohm 3W speaker

(4x) N-channel MOSFET

(4x) 10K ohm resistor

mini protoboard

(2x) barrel jack break adapter

DPST switch

M-F jumper wires

(100x) 5/16" ball bearings

(100x) M3 x 20 screw

(20x) M3 x 30 screw

(120x) M3 nut

(4x) M5 x 10 screw

(4x) M5 nut

(4x) 1L glass bottle

small funnel

Velcro tape

22AWG wire

heat shrink tubing

hot glue

(2x) 600 x 900 x 5mm plywood

(4x) 600 x 900 x 3mm acrylic

<p>That's really cool, but if you love pinball, why not make a pinball machine? Pachinko is pinball without skill. It's like the anti-pinball. </p>
Space and time. I had a little over six weeks to design and build this while working on other things, and it had to live somewhere in our office when complete. I'd love to tackle making my own pinball machine, but it'll take some serious time and effort to put one together. It's definitely on the list though!
<p>This is very cool. I might have to do something similar to this in the future!</p>
<p>It is so cool. You are a crack!</p><p>Congratulations!</p>
<p>Thank you very much :)</p>
<p>Oh my gosh, you are so creative and awesome! My best inspiration, I hope to be like you and make awesome things like this some day. Keep up this mind blowing work!</p>
<p>Thank you for the awesome comment. Keep at it! Passion is your greatest tool</p>
<p>Hi Aleator777, what does the &quot;sponsored content&quot; banner mean? Who sponsors this Instructable and how? Just wondering. Kind regards, Thomas</p>
<p>No problem! I work for Instructables and we partner with brands to create content around their brand or products. I created PaDrinkO as part of a campaign for Intel and their Edison platform.</p>
Thanks for the quick reply. Isn't there a conflict of interest when you (or another person working at Instructables) has to decide if such a sponsored post is featured?
<p>How is it a conflict when they tag it as sponsored ? Not to mention someone has to pay the bills. </p>
<p>Ok, thanks. Naively assumed that sponsored posts have to pass the same filter as anyone to become &quot;featured&quot;. (Nothing against this specific post, btw.)</p>
<p>There is no mention to what sfx board you used. Could you include that in the archive with the wave files along with the schematic etc? Thanks</p>
<p>I'm using a SFX board from Adafruit. On step 1 you can find the direct hyperlink to the product page.</p>
<p>Ok, I didn't notice the hyperlinks. Thanks. You did a great job on this.</p>
<p>You're so awesome!! Can't process. Also, where did you get that t-shirt? ;)</p>
<p>Haha, I didn't notice until today. Thank you Simone!</p>
<p>Nice twist on the barbot concept, excellent write-up!</p>
<p>Why not add a ball lift to continuously feed the hopper? This inspires me to make one similar with moving ball blockers in the field to add to the mechanical movement. Now to get designing.. Thanks</p>
<p>Glad it could be of some inspiration! I had considered that, (and it could certainly be programmed to do so) but I wanted to give a little more user control for timing. Be sure to post on the site!</p>
<p>Ha!! This is fantastic! I wish my pachinko did this!</p>
<p>Thanks! Maybe its time for an upgrade!</p>
<p>Thank you!</p>
<p>Crazy awesome project, thanks for sharing.</p>
<p>Thank you very much!</p>
<p>Great project. I see its use in having the people enjoying their drink but avoiding that they get really badly drunk, because as easy the play can be, they have to have still some neurons working to fulfill it. And if you can't, you get a drink with less alcohol (drunken you don't really get the detailed difference) which washes you again enough sober to keep on playing... So, I will make it as a selfserving bar, where more alcohol % you want, the more points you have to get :)<br>Thanks, it is a great project and clean machine !</p>
I'm so impressed with this. Would you consider selling a full unit?<br>Email jasecleverley@hotmail.com

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